This workshop teaches you how to make impact

Why do you do research?
Maybe to help your scientific career get forward. To solve the problems of the world. Or to inspire others?

Whatever the reason might be for you, you need outreach to achieve those goals. How ground-breaking your results might be, nothing will happen unless other people know about it. Whether it is to the general audience, scientists from another field or your very own group members, communication about your research is essential.

Outreach is such a broad term and it can be hard to know where to start, what to say and to whom. This workshop will give you the tools you need to get your research out where you want it to be.

What can you expect?

There are two ways to get your research out there: by having your story appear in the media, such as a newspaper or a television program, or by being the ambassador of your own story using your own (social) media. This workshop will address both ways.

In this workshop you will learn:
· What makes a story interesting to a broader audience
· What a journalist looks for in a story
· What you can do to lead an interview where you want it to go
· What ways there are to bring your story on social media, and what ways suit you
· How to pitch your research in one minute to journalists, family members or fellow scientists

Practical details

Target audience: PhDs and postdocs in any field
½ day – 1 day
A shorter version of this workshop is available for an online workshop.
Group size:
6 – 15 participants
Dutch or English

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Comments from participants about workshops from Jenny and Marloes in general:

"Jenny and Marloes are enthusiastic, supportive and motivate the participants!"
Bram Kappé
PHD Candidate at Utrecht University
"They created a relaxed atmosphere and a very interactive workshop."
Ellard Hooiveld
PhD Student at Wageningen University & Research
"Jenny and Marloes are very approachable and good at pointing out the discussed concepts relevant to the input of participants"
Daan Groefsema
PhD candidate at Utrecht University

About the trainers

The trainers are both experienced science communicators and eager to help you find your story!

Jenny Hasenack

Jenny is a chemist, science communicator and theater teacher.

Marloes ten Kate

Marloes is a biologist, worked as a science journalist for various radio and TV shows and is a presentation coach for academics.